Terms and Conditions

The parties referred to in these Terms and Conditions shall be as follows:

a) Tyrant – Part of The Alliance Corporation – (‘The Company’ – supplier of services)
b) The Acceptor of the said Services (‘The Contracting Party’)
c) The Receiver of the said Services (‘The Clients’)

In entering into an agreement with The Company for the supply of services, The Contracting Party and each and every Guest agree to be bound by all the conditioned exemptions and provision herein contained.

  1. Payment Terms

Tyrant – Part of The Alliance Corporation – will collect payments via its electronic gateways on behalf of the client unless a prior arrangement is made and a higher package has been bought, in such case, Tyrant can modify the payment gateways to redirect the money generated from the tickets directly into the client’s accounts. Tyrant pays its owed ticket’s money in no longer than 45 days to the client via Paypal, Cheque or bank wire transfer.

  1. Cancellation

If for any reason the Contracting Party cancels the booking/package at any time, the booking/package deposit of 50% of total invoice value will be forfeited. If for any reason the Contracting Party cancels the booking within two months prior to the event date, the Contracting Party shall be liable to pay the total price contracted for.

  1. Change of Event Date

The contracted event date cannot be changed within 30 days of the event date.

  1. Post Event Extras Invoices

Invoices for extras shall be payable no later than 14 days following the date in which the invoice is dated. All extras will incur a 10% administration charge.

  1. Display Marketing

The Client hereby gives permission for Tyrant to display any images and video included in this contract in Tyrant marketing material, including case studies, literature, exhibitions, advertising, competitions, magazines and on websites. No use of any of the images will be used for other commercial reasons, except with written permission from the Client.

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