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What is Tyrant?

Tyrant is an online booking & management platform for all kinds of online/offline events. Tyrant is a brand of The Alliance Corporation, an online digital marketing tycoon working around the globe with numerous brands. Tyrant can be used for free / paid memberships.



Can I create an event and sell tickets via Tyrant?

Yes, you can easily create and sell your tickets to people all around the world in minutes. After creating the event in Tyrant website, Email us at booking@Tyrant.events with your “Event Name, Tickets Prices”, our support team will validate and post your tickets in less than 24 hours.


How can i pay for the tickets?

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  • Some payment gateways will not fit some regions globally.



What are Tyrant mobile applications?

Tyrant owns Android & IOS applications that allow event owners to track, check in and scan the bar code of attendees real time with zero hassle … Mobile applications are free to download at both Android and IOS stores.


What are the main differences between the event packages on the home page of Tyrant website?

  • Basic Package
  1. Simply gives you the ability to post your event for free with basic features.
  2. Planning to sell tickets? Payments will be processed via Tyrant payment gateways, and event owner will be paid in full within 7 days after the event (Tyrant reserves 5% of ticket price for payment processing fees & collection).


  • Deluxe Package
  1. Mobile payments enabled.
  2. Tickets value will be processed directly to client’s electronic accounts instantly, event owners’ PayPal accounts and bank accounts will receive the tickets money as soon as they are bought around the world, full transactions control.
  3. This option is best suited for big events & concerts.


What is your refund policy?

In the unlikely scenario that the event gets cancelled, all ticket’s owners will be refunded immediately with their preferred choice of refund.

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