Mobile Apps

mobile-apps-1Tyrant Checking app is the key ingredient at the day of the event. It is used to scan tickets previously purchased on your Tyrant-powered website. Checking app is free for download and can be downloaded on the following links:

Once you first start Tyrant’s Checking app, regardless on which device you are using it, you will be welcomed by a screen which will require of you to enter two parameters:

  1. First field is always
  2. Next field will require of you to enter an API Key associated with the event you want to use the app for checking. Each event has its own API key (You get from us).

After you have entered the correct information, tap Sign In and if everything is correct and your smartphone has internet connection, the app will sync with the data on your Tyrant powered website and you should get the Stats screen informing how many tickets are sold and how many are checked in like shown on the photos below.

Ticket Scanning is done by tapping the camera button on the bottom and pointing a camera of your smartphone to a QR code on the ticket. If the code on the ticket is valid, the app will respond like shown on the photos below.

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